Digital Nozzle

by Lisa's Sons

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Written in the winter of 2007 - spring 2008.


released June 8, 2008

Stefan Mach and Jordan Brady.



all rights reserved


Lisa's Sons Houston, Texas

Electronic pop-punk band from Houston just trying to jam.

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Track Name: I Saw Her Yesterday
The sun shines brighter than a 1970's dream my mother had.
We are the song that shines in your heart.
After all this is a second chance at life, at love, at the movies. With positivity in play.

What do you want from your life?
To party. To party.
There's more than this waiting for you on the outside.
I'm so happy now. I'm so happy.

This the most fun I've ever had. My life is crazy but it's not that bad.
I never knew that it wouldn't take much to have a good time. So throw your hands up.
This isn't what I had planned at all. I never thought her heart would be so small.
But what do I care? It's really her loss.

Crusin' along with my new girl. Hitting the street in her dad's convertible, and then you call me out of the blue.
Thanks a lot. No problem.
My heart starts to piter-pat. You always cause panic attacks.
Is it worth it to call back?

What do you want from my life?
A bargain. A bargain.
I shouldn't care. We're like this for a reason.
I'm so happy now. I'm so happy.
I'm so happy now. Don't confuse me.

This is the most fun I've ever had. Feeling good making you feel bad.
I should've know that you would call me the moment this girl was up on me.
You can't ring me back to where I was. The way I felt when we broke up.

I saw her. I saw her yesterday.
She saw me. She saw me turn away.
We don't need to last forever.
And we don't need to love each other.
Track Name: Yo Julie, My Bad
One night you called me when I was down on my luck.
I said, "Yo Julie, why don't you pick me up?"
And so you did. That's how it went.
We were destined to be best friends.

But then something happened.
I could not explain it.
Wait! What are these feelings?
I just can't contain them.
Track Name: You'll Live Forever
Something is going on. I can tell by the change in the moonlight.
I just want to get through another night of being terrorized, wanting to die, leaping off the edge cause I can't hold you.

If you had to go then you had to go.
More than ever I just wish I could follow you down.

Every time you walk out I've wanted to walk out with you.
You promised me you'd never die. You'll live forever in my heart.

If you had to go then you had to go.
Now I'm telling your body what I want you to know.
Track Name: There's A Girl
There's a girl on my mind every day, every night.
Like a ghost in my head only there to remind me that I'm only.
I'll never put into words the true way that I feel. It's a risk writing this but I can't fake what is real.
To live your life a lie you might as well be dead.
And I've never wanted more than now to live!

Retrace my steps and I'm back to where I started.
One more clieche lonely kid on the market who want's what he can't have.
There's a girl who needs more than what she has been dealt, but I'll pay for mistakes and the pain that she's felt if I could calm her mind.

Even I'll admit to wanting you more than a friend should want someone who doesn't expect it.
Even though you'll say that we could never work while we're falling apart.

Just understand I could be your man.
I could be anything. I can do anything.
I can be anything that you want.

I can be anything.